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Live casino! This term first appeared almost a decade ago. It refers to casinos that offer customers the opportunity to play online, just like in a real casino. For a long time, it was possible to play online and even live, but with a virtual dealer. Live casinos bring the player back to a classic casino, without imposing the same constraints. Games in a live casino will be played with a real dealer who will be seen on the screen. This is no longer a machine, but a person who will communicate with the players.

What is a Live Casino?

For a long time, online casinos were sterile spaces in which the player could not feel the real gaming sensations. Classic casino enthusiasts saw them as intermediate spaces that helped “real players” to have fun while waiting to play in real casinos. It was not uncommon to read that online casino players would have to rethink their gambling if real casinos were to be established. Many feel that the appearance of live casinos has completely changed the game.


cardsThose who are still hesitating between “classic” online blackjack and live blackjack are better off opting for the latter. Some players criticise it, and their point of view is fully justified. It is not uncommon to get bored at a table because the playing partners are not as fast as the player himself. On the other hand, and this is common, it is sometimes difficult to find even one free game table. This is not surprising when people see how quickly this form of gambling is becoming appreciated.

It has to be said that live blackjack has mainly only advantages. The first of them is the user-friendliness during the game; it is possible to communicate with all the participants or more precisely with the dealer. It is not uncommon for the latter to joke with the players to make the game more interesting. Another benefit is that the game has real people. No matter what people say, playing with a machine is not as exciting. Playing with another human being makes the game more captivating. It is also possible to enjoy many bonuses. Here the comparison is more compared to the classic casino; at online casinos, there are many bonuses.


luckWhy do so many people love casino games? The answer may seem strange, but this is because of the drive they provide. In roulette, for example, one doesn’t just bet and win money. The player also interacts with the audience and has fun. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if he wins or not. It’s the process that makes the game interesting, and that’s where the problem lies. The classic virtual roulette allows for winning money, but the gaming experience is different. In fact, virtual roulette can be incredibly monotonous. Unlike virtual gambling, live roulette takes place in studios and is managed by a real dealer. Even better, it’s possible to interact with him, which spices up the game even more.


The principle of baccarat remains the same whether people play in a classic casino, online or live. However, those who have already, even just once, experienced the pleasure of playing live do not hurry to return to the simple online game. Baccarat is a card game that is as interactive as poker and playing with a virtual dealer destroys all the magic of the game. How many online casinos offer live baccarat? Nowadays, the majority do. It must be said that unlike other casino games, baccarat has a reputation as a refined game. This makes many players fear it because they consider it very complex, and this is a significant advantage. Why is that? Because there’s little chance that one will have to wait for an empty table, for example.


playIt was with this game that the live revolution began. On the list of most appreciated casino games, poker is undeniably the most popular. It was the first game to appear at all online casinos, and it was a revolution. However, the detractors of this form of poker appeared immediately, and the least that can be said is that they had strong arguments. Virtual poker, as impressive as it may be, is not as attractive as real poker. It feels different, and players sometimes get bored, especially when they find themselves at a table with weaker opponents. It was not uncommon in the early 2000s to read, “no matter how much experience a player has at online casinos, it’s worth remembering that the atmosphere of the real game is different”.

Live poker had to change the game, and it did. But those who are used to playing online should understand that live poker is something different, especially if it’s a tournament. The first thing to remember about live games, when the player is used to playing online, is that he has to be more careful. Online gambling is practically automatic. It’s not uncommon for a player to have fun at several tables at the same time. In live gaming, players find themselves in almost the same situation as in a classic casino. This means that players don’t rush. They calmly analyse the game and their opponents. So those who hope to rely on mathematical logic and move quickly will feel lost. The pace is slow. The live game is deep and thoughtful.

Texas Hold ’em

This is the most appreciated version. It’s impossible to find a live casino that doesn’t offer it. There is no need to go into the principles of live gambling in-depth. They’re familiar to all forms of poker. However, novices should keep in mind specific recommendations, even if they may seem excessive. It’s essential to choose a table carefully. In online games, it’s easy to spot a novice, but only if he makes many mistakes. In live games, experienced players will spot the beginner in the first few seconds, and for him, the game will be over. It’s also essential to practise a lot before playing live. In fact, it would not be superfluous to play for some time online and gain some experience before going live.