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Fans of casino gambling and slot machines have a list of games that could be described as must-haves. They are so interesting that old players keep coming back to them, while new ones who ignore them are better off discovering them. There is no such thing as a static list. Every player has his own preferences. However, the names of some games comes up all the time or is on most of the lists. What are they and why do they enjoy such popularity?

What Are the Best Casino Games?

Every year, casino game designers develop dozens of games for online casinos. To gain the confidence of the casinos, they have to compete in creating and offering new products. That’s because they do their best to ensure that each product offers players an exceptional experience. That’s why it’s difficult to make a clear list of “perfect” games these days. So, before getting to the most appreciated games (because this is one of the most important factors) it is important to understand what makes casinos games successful.

The first factor that determines this success is the design. No player will be tempted to try a game that doesn’t attract him. It must be both attractive and fun. The second factor is the complexity of the game itself. The game should be neither too easy nor too complex. Since it is a casino game, the player should also be able to feel like playing. This implies that he must be sure that he can’t win from time to time, as this is what reveals if the casino is genuine or not. RTP must therefore be interesting.

The following are some of the best casino games:

mega-moolah-Mega Moolah

Created in 2006 by Microgaming, this game remains one of the most appreciated on the net after over well more than 14 years down the line. This progressive jackpot slot owes its success to several elements. The game is simple yet captivating. Even a novice won’t need any special training to get master the game. It’s simple without being monotonous. Many features and bonuses are provided to keep the player interested. The second advantage is the cheerful and user-friendly design. It may seem childish, but it is not less attractive.

There is an endless list of advantages, but there is one that keeps players coming back to the game: its jackpots. Hard to find a slot machine in online casinos that offer such generous jackpots. The RTP of the machine is exceptionally high. It is impossible not to like a machine that regularly offers jackpots of more than a million dollars.


Sometimes players are looking for a complex game that will put their thinking to task but also allow them to have a great deal of fun. Sometimes players are looking for simple, profitable games with no frills. The least that can be said about Starburst is that Netent has satisfied both. Those who have already played Jewels online are very familiar with this game. From a financial point of view, Starburst is probably less interesting than the previous game. The jackpots are very tempting after all. But the popularity of Starburst is both in its simplicity and the frequency with which players win. It is almost impossible to find a fan of the game who hasn’t pocketed several winnings on this slot machine. So it’s no surprise that most beginners try it out.

dead-or-alive-slotDead or Alive

The Wild West theme of this game has inspired game designers for decades. Netent’s Dead or Alive immerses the player in the “fairy-tale” atmosphere of the Wild West. Whisky, cowboy, gun, hat, boots, and saloon; nothing is forgotten. The game is simple to play and comes with some interesting features. One example is the multiplier function. In other games, the wilds symbols only remain fixed to optimise the player’s chances. Here, it is the opposite here. The player not only has a better chance of increasing his winnings but also of getting many free games, which can bring additional winnings.

The RTP of this slot machine is also far from negligible. It is not the craziest machine that will bring a few million dollars in one go, but the possibility of winning up to 100 times the amount of one’s wager cannot sadden any player. Dead or Alive is a machine that will offer permanent and stable winnings. It’s the perfect game for a beginner who wants to learn about slots without losing a lot of money. What a game!


This game from the Swedish creator, Play’n Go, is reminiscent of the game principle of Pokemons. This game stands out from the crowd. To win, the player will have to collect Toonz (little aliens) and each category of Toonz has its advantages. One-eyed Toonz are the equivalent of a wild symbol. Next to a potentially winning combination, they’ll replace the missing symbol to create a successful combination. Singles Giantoonz represent little and don’t help the player. However, if the player catches at least two Giantoonz, his win will be doubled. One-eyed or two-eyed Toonz will be the winning combinations. The most profitable symbol is the two-eyed purple Toonz.

So, why is this game on the list of the best? Its list of positive features is long, but among them are the excellent RTP, the game’s theme and even the general atmosphere. In a nutshell, Reactoonz has everything to please.

Twin-Spin-SlotTwin Spin

This slot reminds players of the classic Vegas casino environment. This Netent game is beautiful in every way. The jackpot can be very interesting and could go up to 270,000 coins, or nearly $14,000. This game is ideal because it is possible to adapt it to the player’s abilities. All they need to do is to increase their level of complexity. At the lowest level, the chances of winning are enormous, but the payouts are relatively small. The higher the level of complexity, the lower the chances of quick and immediate winnings. However, the amount of potential gains is increased.